Simply put,
we do it all.

From photo & video, branding to marketing strategy and web development, we do it all. We help your project skyrocket on Google, Facebook and Instagram so that we find your ideal customers and they become loyal fans.

Our services

Why do things by halves when you could do it all?

Starting with your branding, we then build a website in line with your company ethos and customer base. From there, we work with you to develop your project with a dynamic digital marketing strategy that guarantees you exposure and profit.

Remarkable results

Digital Marketing

We’ll help increase your brand awareness, connect with customers, and increase leads with our professional marketing and branding services.

Whether it’s a product, a service or promoting a brand as a whole, our marketing strategies are tailored to your needs and developed to deliver remarkable results. We use advanced development techniques that involve the full spectrum of digital marketing tools to ensure that your project achieves the best possible online ranking. Through coverage including Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads, LinkedIn ads, and Tik Tok Ads, we ensure that your business reaches the right people at the right time, with the right message.

A visual world

Photo & Video

Visuals, audio, content – it’s all about diversification to create something dynamic, meaningful, and memorable. What’s more important than online photo and video content? Creating powerful images will help your brand stand out and be instantly recognisable.

In the digital era, neglecting online media content from your marketing strategy simply isn’t an option. These days, almost everything in the online environment revolves around visuals. This is a generation of visual learners – we are drawn to images first. Once you’ve generated this attention, then you can really capture your customer base with effective, quality descriptions and spellbinding content.

Our professional, high-quality photo and video service are specifically tailored for Facebook and Google ads, with a range of placements and targeting strategies.

It's all about the concept


Branding isn’t a singular concept – it’s an amalgamation of carefully-developed ingredients that combine into the perfect recipe – success. Naming, logos, uniqueness, and a healthy dose of creativity – all that jazz. Put it all together and you end up with a strong, instantly memorable brand. We make sure you’re unforgettable.

Having a brand is more than just owning a business. Really building a strategy and a name starts with developing a concept behind every single aspect of your brand, be it the name, the logo, or the website itself. In order to survive in this cutthroat online world, you need to be unique – a digital pirate.

Powerful Strategy

Marketing Strategy

The days of taking your marketing strategy out of a book are well and truly gone. It’s more than just ABC. Digital marketing is so vast, so nuanced, and so competitive that outsourcing your strategy to a team of specialists has become a key element in any company’s journey to success in the online world.

Simply being online isn’t all that you need to have a successful and powerful business. In order to be your clients’ first choice, you need to develop a carefully thought out marketing strategy. Don’t take online engagement for granted. You can harness the power of your digital presence through a carefully designed strategic plan.

It’s not just about the little details – we also see the big picture. We develop strategies that cover the entire marketing funnel, including online and offline marketing and strategizing. We are your eyes, your ears, and your pathway to success.

Your customers will love it

Landing Pages

First impressions count. Make sure you don’t underestimate the importance of a separate, insightful page for all your essential promotions or limited time offers.

So, your website is great. Great! But what do you when you have an offer that you really want to promote? How do you get that message out to the largest possible customer base as quickly and effectively as possible? You need a landing page, a one-stop shop for you’re your key information. What are the key ingredients? It should be quick and easy to read, impactful, and intuitive. Get it right and your customers will love it.

We develop AMP landing pages that are geared towards maximising performance and content optimisation with A/B/C testing and dynamic text replacing. The content we produce is keyword rich, SEO optimised, and guaranteed to get you on page 1, position 1 of Google. Don’t believe us? We’re so confident, we’ll give you your money back if we’re wrong!

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Visual concept

Graphic Design

Graphic design is more than a series of pretty pictures. There should be a strategy behind every line, every dot, and every placement. Every visual is an opportunity to tell a story, engage more customers, and improve your reach.

You need more than a few good photos to succeed online. Your visuals must be strong, impactful, and carefully blended with inspiring content on your social media platforms. The right combination can produce incredible results in a flash. Choose Kemo Advertising and be amazed by how quickly you can benefit from using our bespoke, professional service.

Don't throw words


When deployed effectively, SEO carries the dual role of increasing organic website traffic and improving your website ranking. But it’s more than just a few words – it’s all about in-depth analysis using insightful, up-to-date metrics. That’s where we come in.

At Kemo, we can help you with both permanent and promotional SEO. If you are looking to promote a specific product or service, we can move your website to the top of the rankings with a short turnaround, in order to maximise exposure. Similarly, we can work with you to design a permanent site that produces the highest rankings on an ongoing basis, constantly analysing and making alterations to keep ahead of the curve on new search metrics and traffic-generating keywords.

We only provide white hat SEO services. Our methods are entirely Google-friendly, with no risk of being penalised, and we work closely with you to produce results both internally (on-site optimisation, SEO code improvement, page speed and content management) and externally (manual link building with relevant, trusted domains).