Stop waiting for results

We’ll guarantee, on paper, that your website will be on Google’s first page in less than three months and on a top position in half a year, with the relevant keywords for your business. If this is not the case, we’ll give you back your, and even add 1000 Euros. What we offer are quality SEO services, with results within the first week.

Contract guaranteed results

Premium SEO services

We have a team of 70 talented professionals dedicated just for Search Engine Optimisation.
With medium and high authority backlinks, audit and implementation, and on page SEO, your success is guaranteed.

Increase profit and customer portfolio

Discover professional SEO services guaranteed by contract to rank you on Google’s top position

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Honestly, we’ve had enough of the companies that try to sell you lies. We’re here to prove to you that it can be done and that you don’t have to wait several months or even years for it either. You can see the results immediately.

Copywriting - Contentwriting
Website Optimisation
Daily reports
Scaling strategy
24h support
High-performance campaigns

Strategy - Planning and Creating

Analyzing all the right opportunities for your field and client acquisition, all on a budget.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Continuous monitoring, streamlining, and campaign optimization to increase your conversion rate.

Analysis and Reporting

Weekly or monthly reporting in order to see exactly where we stand with your business’s scaling.


Let's talk about your success

Tell us more about your business. We want to know all the ins and outs in order to produce the best strategy for your needs and turn your business's story into that of a successful one.

    First Step - Analysis and Evaluation

    Let's start with a demanding audit

    The cornerstone of our service is getting to know your business so we can develop a winning, custom strategy. Your product, your market, your website, and your advertising settings are all powerful tools that can be harnessed more effectively, increasing your conversion rate and having a massive impact on your revenue.

    It’s about profit

    Our view

    Sorin Cristea

    CEO & Founder
    ‘Our goal is your profit. If you can see your revenue increasing, we know we’re helping you succeed. If you earn, we earn. If you grow, we grow. Nothing is more important to us.’
    Clients Opinion


    Am învățat alături de echipa Kemo care este importanța unor campanii bine făcute, cu un scop precis și cât de importantă este o reclamă făcută de niște experți. Recomand cu plăcere Kemo Advertising!

    Taranu Darius
    Clients Opinion


    Foarte bune campaniile la care am lucrat împreună cu agenția. Suntem mulțumiți de colaborare. Recomand!

    Mircea Macarei Pensiunea Rafael
    Clients Opinion


    Pentru studioul nostru de Yoga este foarte importantă imaginea și modul în care ne prezentăm, iar voi ați înțeles mesajul pe care am vrut să-l transmitem și modul în care am dorit să ne promovăm. Mulțumim. Vă recomandăm cu drag!

    Giulia Nahmany Maha Yoga
    Clients Opinion


    O super echipă de profesioniști pe care-i recomand cu drag! Lucrăm împreună la promovarea clinicii iSmile în online, am refăcut împreună cu Kemo website-ul clinicii și avem acum un site care este perfect funcțional, modern și accesibil pentru pacienții care caută servicii dentare.

    Sonia Constantinescu iSmile Dental